Patient Testimonials

  • Before and after hip surgery I wasn’t able to do much. My mobility has increased every PT session. My strength has also increased and I am able to walk without a walker or cane. I am very pleased with my Therapy

    Patricia P.

  • The entire staff of Therapists and Office staff were very professional, courteous and friendly. They worked me hard and long, sometimes up to 2 hours. My strength in my left knee has increased substantially, even my right knee has improved and my overall health has improved. Please keep up the great job!!

    James P.

  • There was gradual improvement in pain and mobility, as weights were increased through weeks 2.5 – 3. The last 1.5 – 2 weeks the discomfort/pain and range of motion was/is normal.

    Robert T.

  • I arrived with back pain, spasms and increased anxiety.  During my therapy I topped it off with a bout of positional vertigo!  It is such a good feeling to be able now to roll over in bed without any discomfort and to be able to get up in the a.m. in a “normal” manner vs. “crawling” out.

    I leave with none of the symptoms I arrived with.  It has been a very positive experience and Thanks to all !

    Susan F.

  • I had a nerve transfer surgery and was referred to Rebound Rehab for drop foot.  Hemant was my therapist along with Ron and they had me doing exercises to try and bring my nerve and muscle back to life to cure my drop foot.  It has been 2.5 months of therapy and my results are probably 70% better than when I started.

    Thank you for your time and patience.

    Mark H.

  • When I started my physical therapy late in July, I was no longer enjoying my morning walks.  I started a walking program in May to be better than I was, but regretfully I became over-eager and managed to injure most of my leg muscles by trying to walk when I should have been resting.  Additionally, I had injured the muscles of my left leg climbing onto a bus; and my painful right foot, which has been getting progressively worse for 13 years, was swollen, black and red from where I had whacked it against the pointy end of a rocker. I was limping on both sides.  My body crumpled for most of the day from lack of muscle strength.  I was unable to sleep on my left side because of the pain in my leg.  I could not stand long enough to fix a meal.  And I missed the strength, stamina and energy I had been enjoying on my morning walks. The physical therapy was repetitive, building strength without aggravating my injuries.  The atmosphere was calm, quiet, and supportive.  It has been strangely relaxing, which I finally realized came from the continuous counting which blocked everything else from my brain. It is now six weeks later; and I am adjusting to my new “normal”.  My body no longer crumples; and I have many moments during the day when I can stand erect.  I can sleep on my left side, I can stand in my kitchen and prepare a meal, and I am walking again – both on land and in a heated pool.  My legs are stronger than ever, and I am surprised at how far I can walk with a secure and solid strength that makes me smile.  I have a stabilizer that supports my right ankle; and a cane that supports my left leg so that it is pain free when I walk, limp free.

    Life is good; and better than before.



    Rebecca M

  • Before physical therapy, I could only stand for 5 minutes due to excruciating back pain 7/10 I also had hamstring tightness, weak core, and could not elevate my legs. After stretching and Physical therapy I have improved back pain to less than 4/10, improve bending, flexibility, and able to walk for a longer period of time I have been able to wean off medication due to having less pain. I highly recommend Rebound Rehabilitation to anyone who has lower back pain. Hitendra and team members really care about the patients. Thank you for your help.

    Terrance B.

  • Rebound is a great place to get physical therapy. The staff is very friendly and professional, they go out of their way to make your rehabilitation and recover a good experience. Your Physical Therapy will be designed based on your needs and goals. I find myself getting better every day. If anyone in St. Augustine is looking for great care, I highly recommend Rebound. I give them a 5 star rating…The staff is amazing

    Jeanette C.

  • After an auto accident I was anxious and uncertain of my physical limitations. How to move and function while living with pain seemed impossible. My doctors prescribed PT and I selected Rebound Rehabilitation due to location and referrals (St. Augustine location). From scheduling, insurance and physical therapy, the concern and care provided by this cohesive staff has given me confidence in my success with mobility. I was treated for neck and back trauma as well as knee and ankle injuries. The professionalism and efficiency in addressing my individual needs has been second to none. Everyone receives an A+

    Lisa C.

  • The office staff was helpful and very knowledgeable.  The treatment and care for therapy was excellent and aggressive to the treatment that was needed.  My Rebound Therapist knew exactly what I needed and treated with compassion.  This was the best therapy treatment is have experienced ever.  Joe and Ashley got me to where I needed to be physically.  After two serious surgeries, I am 90% of where I want to be or expected to be.  GREAT JOB!!

    Roger J

  • Let me first say that I can never repay Hemant and all his staff at Rebound for what they have done for me.  Denise and Donna at reception welcome all the patients, take care of appointments and billing and treat everyone like family.  The friendly treating staff is well trained and follows established protocol to get your life back on track.  After virtually destroying both shoulders, I really have been able to “Rebound” to live a pain free retirement.

    Wayne L

  • The wonderful staff of Rebound Rehabilitation has seen me through an assortment of injuries over the last few years.  They provide a very professional service within a warm, caring environment.  The Office Staff works very hard to accommodate schedule changes.  I especially like having access to the pool within their wellness program.

    Zou F