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Our Patient Care Program

Our Patient Care Program consists of extensive evaluation conducted by a licensed physical therapist and followed with an individually designed Treatment Plan complete with Patient Education.

Step 1: Evaluation

During your first visit to our clinic you will receive a thorough evaluation performed by a licensed physical therapist which takes about 60 minutes.  This evaluation will identify your problem areas and/or impairments (i.e. pain, muscle weakness, muscle tightness, de-conditioning) that are affecting your overall functions.

Step 2: Setting Goals

After your initial evaluation is complete, a therapist will discuss your goals with you. Your goals may involve pain reduction, increase strength and flexibility, balance improvement, return to work or sports, maintain wellness, etc.


Step 3: Treatment

A specific and individually designed treatment plan is provided to you which consist of one on one interaction with a therapist.  Treatment consists of manual therapy techniques, localized modalities and supervised strength, flexibility and conditioning programs.  In addition, an individualized home exercise program will be developed for you so that you are independent with your exercise, which helps you progress towards your goals.

Step 4: Education & Wellness

Our primary goal is to teach you how you can prevent future injury and maintain wellness. You will be part of the team and participate in the treatment course performed. Wellness is the key to a future that is pain-free, giving you freedom of movement to live your life to its fullest.

Most Insurances Accepted:

We are proud to accept most insurance plans and offer counseling to help clarify any confusing insurance questions and benefits. Because your recovery is so imporant to us, we will work with your financial limitations to offer various payment plans to assure no gaps occur in your road to recovery.